Mission, Vision and Values


Provide a reference service in the area of ​​freight transport, recognized nationally and internationally, for the ability to provide solutions and exceed the expectations of its customers, respecting the Environment and promoting the satisfaction and professional fulfillment of its employees.



Consolidate the position of reference player in the area of ​​freight transport at national level and strengthen the international presence, reaching even further. LASO wants to continue to overcome obstacles anywhere in the world.



To achieve the success of our mission, we foster and share the following values:

  • Guidance for clients: Seeking to exceed customer expectations, through the provision of value-added services, supported by flexible, innovative and technologically advanced solutions;
  • Quality: To privilege the quality of our service, always looking for the most efficient solutions;
  • People: Promote responsibility, initiative and team spirit, taking the motivation and professional fulfillment of employees as fundamental;
  • Training: See the continuous training of all employees as the basis for the development and competitiveness of the services provided;
  • Innovation: To favor innovation and intensive monitoring of technical developments as a way of presenting competitive advantages in relation to the market;
  • Loyalty, ethics and trust: Base daily practice on professionalism, rigorous operations and transparency of relationships, in order to safeguard credibility and a good institutional image;
  • Sustainability: To favor the sustainable development of the organization through a transparent, social and ethically responsible conduct;
  • Environment: Development of measures, aimed at employees, aimed at increasing habits and behaviors favorable to pollution prevention and consequent Environmental protection;
  • Safety: Ensure the best working conditions with preventive actions, in order to eliminate the risks inherent in the activity and preserving the well-being of employees;
  • Social Responsibility: Develop a growing concern in terms of social responsibility towards the most disadvantaged, participating, whenever possible, in social solidarity campaigns.