A Comprehensive Set of Transport Services and Solutions

Special transport

Through its extensive fleet and the versatility of its multiple equipment, LASO guarantees the safe transport of any cargo regardless of size or weight.

Conventional transport

LASO has a fleet available that allows you to carry out special transports, as well as general cargo transports in open or closed vehicles, especially for this type of transport. LASO has the capacity and size to satisfy the transport needs of any sector of activity, from civil construction, steel products, heavy industry, to the transport of containers or automotive components.

Project Engineering Management

Ready to develop the most complex transport solutions, LASO performs recognition of itineraries (road surveys), studies and technical evaluations of the conditions necessary for high rigor and precision transport, working as a consultant and not just as a mere service provider. If you have complicated or heavy equipment to transport, LASO will be up to the challenge.

Heavy Lift

The Heavy lift service includes the lifting of oversized structures or equipment that cannot be divided. LASO provides equipment that is ideal for moving what others cannot. We have experience in moving large and heavy items across the country, in Europe and Africa to various sectors.
Examples of loads we move: turbines, generators, compressors, special vehicles, construction equipment, parts of oil platforms, among others.


Whenever necessary, LASO manages all the necessary means of transport (road, rail, sea or air) for the movement of goods from origin to destination, ensuring, through its network of partners, the entire logistical organization.


We have created mechanisms to deliver the goods to their final destination in the shortest possible time, reducing costs. We study the best circulation routes, the best means of transport and store them whenever necessary.

Do not hesitate, tell us what your need is.