Institutional presentation

LASO TRANSPORTES, S.A. is a company specialized in providing road transport services for special and normal goods.

Based on a versatile fleet with around 2600 equipments, an extensive operational reach, a deep technical know-how acquired over the years, and a highly experienced and qualified workforce with more than 1300 employees, LASO has become a reference brand in the normal and special transport market in Portugal and internationally.

LASO stands out for its focus on the specific needs of its customers, both nationally and internationally, offering solutions for any challenge that presents itself.

With branches throughout the world, namely in Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Slovenia and UK, Mozambique and Morocco, LASO has hundreds of trucks in the international markets.


LASO has no geographical limits, so it has been increasing its international presence through partnerships with companies of recognized prestige in the transport and elevation sector, and through the various projects it has carried out in Africa, in countries like Cape Verde, Senegal, Rwanda  and Latin America, Nicaragua.



Provide a reference service in the area of ​​road freight transport, recognized nationally and internationally, for the ability to provide solutions and exceed the expectations of its clients, respecting the environment and fostering the satisfaction and professional fulfillment of its employees.

Consolidate the position of reference player in the field of road freight transport at national and international levels, increasing its presence and overcoming obstacles anywhere in the world.

Our motto:

  • Exceed clients expectations
  • Invest in fleet modernization
  • Respect the environment
  • Privileging the quality of service provision
  • Valuing people
  • Invest on training and innovation
  • Promote principles of loyalty and ethics
  • Internalize and develop concepts of sustainability and social responsibility.



LASO understands Quality, Environment, Safety and Social Responsibility as an integral part of its corporate culture, as well as an unquestionable way for the continuous improvement of the services provided and for the satisfaction of its Customers.

Scope: Transport of goods, regular and oversized/overweighed non-divisible iteams, multimodal solutions, management of national and internacional projects.

LASO has the following certifications: