For the transportation of the largest wind turbine in the world in bladelifter, model vestas v162, we have the first mercedes benz slt 8×8 vehicles, which have just arrived in portugal and one of the few operating in europe.

This type of vehicle was specially designed for the transportation of heavy and oversized loads, on winding roads and high slopes, offering the adequate quality of work for these services.

Laso carries out an average of around 50 daily transports of wind components, all of them studied, planned and organized.

These vehicles had as their first mission to take an 81-meter-long, 32-tonne wind turbine to the barão de são joão wind farm.

The solution, to cross the algarve town of bensafrim with the wind blade, was through the bladelifter system, capable of lifting it to 60 degrees.

Due to the specificity of this transport, around 20 employees were involved.

“this just goes to confirm that, in the special transport sector, for big challenges, you need to have big solutions.” – mercedes-benz.

Source: mercedes-benz


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