We were chosen and in charge of all the logistics inherent to this project, on a Multimodal basis. The transport of a power transformer, already dismantled from the Pêgo CTE, will have its final destination in Greece.

The loading took place on the weekend of January 13th and 14th and its final destination is the Thisvi Thermoelectric Power Station. During the 1st phase of transport, around 280km were covered to the Port of Setúbal, arriving on January 19th, passing through locations such as Alpalhão, Monforte, Estremoz, Arraiolos, Poceirão, among others.

This transport weighed 368 tons, was 72 meters long, 5 meters wide and 5.5 meters high, which presented us with numerous challenges along the way. However, we managed to overcome all obstacles, relying on the usual rigor and professionalism of the various LASO teams involved in the execution of this project.

We offer a versatile and unique fleet that allows the equipment to be adapted to any type of transport, in this case modular equipment with a Girder Bridge was made available, which will allow the transport of this transformer.

The forecast for the completion of this project and delivery to the final destination in Greece is February 2nd.