With the experience acquired over the past 13 years, LASO was the company chosen to transport 9 wind turbines, with a total capacity of 33 MW to the new Tocha II Wind Farm, located in the district of Coimbra, Cantanhede municipality. This was an operation started in December last year, having ended this month, March 2021. Several dozens of LASO professionals were involved in this project. The transport of the various components was carried out between the Port of Aveiro, and the Park Tocha II wind farm, close to the Atlantic coast, about a kilometer from the sea. The Tocha II Wind Farm is part of the “European Commission’s Investment Plan for Europe, a plan that is considered to be a winner for both the environment and the economy. The financing, supported by the European Fund for Strategic Investments, will generate new wind farms in the west and north of Portugal, helping the country to achieve its ambitious energy objectives and creating new jobs in the process, ”said Paolo Gentiloni, European Commissioner for Economy.

LASO is a national and international transport company specialized in providing road transport services for special goods.
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