Following the expansion process of LASO TRANSPORTES SA, started in 2009 with LASO Abnormal Loads (Spain), followed by LASO Mozambique, LASO MAROC, and LASO DEUTSCHLAND, LASO HOLLAND and LASO ITALIA, LASO’s management is pleased and proud to announce the opening of our branch in France.
Located in Lyon, France, LASO FRANCE in our strategy aims to bring our company closer to our customers and, obviously, to profit from the operational advantages of being also represented in this geographic space, continuing our growth, in which we want to be even more a company Global Transport, without borders, which creates solutions and Overcomes Obstacles anywhere in the World.
Our Commercial Director Mr. Cláudio Fernandes will manage a team of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals in this market who will be committed to providing answers and transport solutions to all requests via E-Mail
LASO, Overcoming Obstacles!