Our journey from the beginning, has always had the purpose of going further, hence our slogan.
None of this would be reality without you, our customers and partners who are the reason for our existence, only with you and the trust you place in us has been possible.
We have reached a point where we have almost 2,000 pieces of equipment and more than 1,000 employees, and a possibly unparalleled Know How, only within reach (possible) of those who execute and do daily what we so well know how to do: surpass ourselves!

We never set goals, because goals presuppose an end, we set goals, and it is not to achieve them, it is to Overcome them!

We are currently experiencing an unprecedented crisis, we never thought we were prevented from celebrating our anniversary as usual, but today more than ever we continue with the same desire, the same ambition as 13 years ago!
We continue to innovate, we continue to expand, we continue to invest in the same spirit as when we started this project, which at the time was a bold business solution, but which has proven to be successful for us and our customers.

And success for us, is everyone's satisfaction, is doing well, doing more and better! Accompany with transport solutions, Logistics and Heavy Lift, all the evolution, growth and development of our customers, anywhere in the World.

We want to be close to everyone, we are in Africa, Morocco and Mozambique, but we have successfully done several projects in more countries.
In Europe, we have branches in Spain, Holland, Germany and Italy, and we will continue to get closer to our partners.
A word to our committed and dedicated collaborators, we are a family, and without them nothing would be possible either!

Our Thanks to All for being part of our History!

We are together!!

Congratulations LASO !! Congratulations to all of you!!