LASO - Special Transport

A Comprehensive Range of Services and Transportation Solutions

However big know-how may be the movement of oversized cargoes and weights on public roads is a constant challenge in order to guarantee that it is done in full compliance with the terms of the contract between the service provider and the Client.
Through its large fleet and the versatility of its multiple equipments (tubular towers carriers, extendable dollies, axle lines, self-propelled), LASO guarantees safe transportation of any cargo regardless its size or weight.

LASO has a fleet prepared for specialized transportation, and also to transport general cargo in TIR vehicles, open or closed, specially designed for this type of transportation. LASO has ability and size to meet all the transportation needs of any activity sector, namely construction, steel products, heavy industry, as well as containers or automotive components transportation.

Ready to develop the most complex transportation solutions, LASO performs road surveys, research and technical assessments of the conditions necessary for a highly meticulous and errorless transportation, working as a consultant and not only as a mere service provider.

Multimodal Logistics Projects

Whenever necessary, LASO carries out integrated management of all means of transportation (road, rail, sea or air) required to carry goods from origin to destination ensuring entire logistical support through its network of partners.

Another Services

  • Skinning;
  • Reception, Parking and Preparation of machines;
  • Closed Cars;
  • Groupage;
  • Relocation of ENERPAC Gateways for Loading and Unloading operations;
  • Blade Lifter: New equipment for transportation of wind components - Goldhofer - FTV 500