LASO - Special Transport

Transportation Solutions for Different Sectors

Despite the enormous difficulties and challenges that we often come across in the road network, LASO is prepared to provide solutions for any type of cargo, no matter its size or weight.

Directed to the energy sector (transformers, wind turbines and solar panels) this department is responsible for the assembly of most wind parks in the Iberian Peninsula, as well as for some of the biggest transportation events carried out in Portugal.

Thus, we meet the needs of a wide range of sectors including:

  • Construction and Public Works;
  • Heavy Metalworking Industry;
  • Precast Concrete;
  • Wind Power Components;
  • Transformers;
  • Fiber and / or Stainless Steel Deposits;
  • Aeronautics.

LASO owns a diversified fleet and has drivers duly qualified and certified in international transportation. We also have closed box TIR vehicles, with sliding and lifting curtains and roof, especially tailored to this type of services.

Through the General Cargo Department, LASO operates regularly both at national and international levels in the following sectors:

  • Metalworking Industry;
  • Industrial Machines;
  • Automotive Components;
  • Paper Industry and its Derivatives;
  • Construction and Public Works;
  • Steel Products;
  • Containers;
  • Precast Concrete.

LASO has adopted an innovative and diversified range of chassis and platforms, in order to ensure, at any time, the capacity to provide the best freight services for all models and sizes of machines, boats or helicopters. LASO added value lies in drivers’ vast experience and proper training, namely for this type of movements and, particularly, for loading and unloading procedures.

Both at national and international levels we have more than one hundred different Dolly type equipments available: machine haulers, boat haulers, extendable, beam type, etc., thus ensuring a unique capacity and versatility.

With its Dollies / Machine Haulers LASO operates in different activity sectors, including:

  • New and Used Machinery (National Transportation, Import and Export);
  • Shipping and Aviation Sectors;
  • Construction and Public Works;
  • Metalworking Industry;
  • Oversized Flat Racks;
  • Agricultural Machinery;
  • Support for Heavy Equipment Rental.

Mobile cranes characteristics, such as speed, dexterity and global loading capacity offer versatility and response to services that involve goods transportation and its vertical positioning using the cranes.

LASO fleet includes about 60 vehicles of this type, operated by drivers properly trained and qualified to perform this type of operation.

And more: LASO has decided to go further and installed ramps and winches at the rear of some vehicles, thus ensuring that they are effectively much more versatile.

LASO mobile cranes and ramp-trucks operate regularly in the following sectors:

  • Prefabricated Modules;
  • Handling of Compressors / Generators;
  • Handling of Forklifts and Construction Support Equipment;
  • Industrial Machines;
  • Construction and Public Works;
  • New and Used Machinery;
  • Metalworking Industry.