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90 Tons from Zalla to Bilbao



Dimensions: 22 x 4.30 x 4.30 - 90 ton
Zalla to Port of Bilbao.

New LASO Maroc Equipment



New equipment purchased for LASO Maroc.

LASO, Education and Environment hand in hand.



A group of students from Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) developed a boat powered exclusively by photovoltaic panels.
In a world where renewable energies are increasingly being requested, LASO intends to support this initiative by contributing to the development and dissemination of this project related to education and the environment. Concepts defended and supported by LASO in diverse contexts.
This project, developed entirely by these students, has undergone successive generations and prototypes in which new and increasingly effective systems have been developed, in order to make the boat more competitive and reliable to compete with other colleges that have developed similar projects.
Last July, this vessel was already alive and had the opportunity to participate in the Monaco Solar & Electric Boat Challenge.
LASO Transportes SA offered Transport.
The Laso, the education and the environment hand in hand.
We Overcome Obstacles!

Vhils work carried by LASO



LASO Transportes SA has carried out this work of Art produced by Vhils. A customized van was also transported.The piece weighs 7 tones and measures 2.80m x 2.40m. The destination of the same was England - Imminent Festival - Art Before Brexit that will be held on 28 and 29 July.

Transport with 92 Meters in Lengt



LASO carried out a Transport of a Wind SpadeBlade between the Port of Aveiro and Vagos - Riablades. The total length of Transportation reached 92 Meters in length.

Laso in TUA Mobility Project



Loading, Transport and Unloading of Boat. Dimensions: 27.5 x 6 x 4.5 x 50 tons Means used - 2 cranes (350 tons, 220 tons), 1 self-propelled The boat came to navigate to the loading place next to the bridge over the Tua river where it flows into the Douro River. With the two cranes we removed the boat from the water and placed it on top of the self-propelled equipment. This took about 2 days.

World Wind Day



On June 15, World Wind Day was celebrated with the aim of promoting and sensitizing the population to environmental issues and the importance of the wind energy sector in Portugal.
A blade was exposed for a period of 4 days, from June 15 to 18, next to the Pavilion Meo ARENA, in the Parque das Nações, Lisbon.
The transport of this blade of 40.00m was made by LASO.

New equipment purchased for LASO MAROC



LASO wins the prize



LASO Transportes SA was elected the "BEST ROAD CARGO CONVEYOR IN PORTUGAL" with regard to the Company and Market activity in 2016.

Moving a Transformer with 240 Tons



Another successful service.
Moving a Transformer with 240 Tons in Leça do Balio.

Happy Birthday LASO! 10 Years!


National Day of Prevention and Safety at Work


LASO Transportes SA follows a policy of prevention and safety at work at all levels from Top Management to the base.
We have been able to provide a high quality service, ensuring that the protection of workers is permanently present, with the adoption of correct practices and adequate safety procedures in the operations, which, together with the existing means of collective protection and individual protection, allow the execution Services of high complexity and of high degree of security risk, without the physical integrity of the employees is put in question.
We can prove this with a fairly low accident rate, practically residual, during the loading, transport and unloading operations in which LASO is involved in the day-to-day operations.
The issues of Prevention and Safety at Work is something that is assumed by the Organization not as something imposed by Clients or by the legislation in force, but something that is part of LASO's DNA and its process of cultural development.

LASO in Breakbulk Europe 2017



LASO was present at "Breakbulk Europe 2017" the largest exhibition in the world related to large transport and cargo, as well as professional logistics projects.
There will be more than 300 exhibitors offering specialized services in land, sea and air transport, freight forwarders, logistics specialists, import / export companies, equipment companies and more.

New Solution LASO



Another LASO Transport solution. A load with 5.10m of width, with the slope of this equipment, is 4.00m wide. Thus, this transportation does not require monitoring of the police forces. This transport was carried out from Bilbao to Leixões.

Study visit to LASO



The park of LASO Transportes SA, in Casais da Serra, received the visit of some children of the kindergarten "TUTOR T".

These little students came to know our facilities and some of our trucks.

A very fun and enriching experience for the "little ones" and also for the "big ones"!