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300 Ton Transformer



Last weekend, one EFACEC Factory Transformer was transported, a regular customer for this type of specialized service, towards the Port of Leixões.

The Transformer weighed about 300 tons and involved the participation of several dozen people, namely, and in addition to LASO, teams responsible for controlling and diverting traffic, monitoring overpasses and a police force escort.

64 Meters Long | 246 Tons



LASO has successfully completed 4 large transports that have taken place over the past 2 weeks between Vale de Cambra (ARSOPI) and Vandellós Nuclear Power Station (Tarragona).
The special characteristics of this transport required a previous study and conditioned, for obvious reasons, the normal traffic circulation. For this reason we appreciate the understanding of all concerned citizens and motorists.
The largest set was 64.00m x 4.50m x 4.80m and weighed about 246 Tons.

Constitution of LASO ITALY



We announce the opening of our subsidiary in Italy.

It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of LASO TRANSPORTES SA, which started in 2009 with LASO Abnormal Loads (Spain), GTE in Mozambique, LASO MAROC, LASO SENEGAL, LASO DEUTSCHLAND and LASO HOLLAND.

The Company is located in Firenze, in the region of Tuscany, in the province of Florence, and represents another project that has become a reality in order to bring LASO closer to its customers and an operational advantage in this geographical area.

We will have a team of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals in this market who will be committed to providing answers and transportation solutions to all requests.
Contact: E-mail or the telephone +39 (0) 55 0201098.

We continue to Overcome Obstacles to make LASO a global, borderless company that creates solutions anywhere in the world.

Palace of Mafra is World Heritage Site



The Royal Building of Mafra (Palace, Basilica, Convent, Siege Garden and Tapada) is now inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list, following the deliberation of the World Heritage Committee, meeting in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Congratulations, we are World Heritage!




LASO Transportes SA is in Mauritania to start, soon, several transports within the Boulenouar Wind Farm.
In all, LASO will make more than 300 transport, in an estimated period of 5 months, referring to 39 Machines (G114 2,625 T80).
SIEMENS GAMESA wind components are produced in Europe. In Mauritania the transport will be executed between the Port of Noaudhibou and the Park of Boulenouar.

LASO awarded with Municipal Medal of Merit



On May 30, 2019 - Mafra Municipality Day - (Municipality where LASO Transportes SA is headquartered), our Organization was awarded the Municipal Merit Medal - Grau Ouro - of the Municipality of Mafra.

We received this distinction with pride. We are honored for their significance, our recognition of our commitment, our vision and our ability to do.

Therefore, on this important date, LASO management can not fail to share this event with all employees of the company, friends, family, customers and suppliers. Because this distinction is also yours and without the contribution of each one, it would not be possible.

LASO opens subsidiary in the Netherlands - LASO HOLLAND



June 1, 2019, following the expansion process of LASO TRANSPORTES SA, started in 2009 with LASO Abnormal Loads (Spain), followed by GTE in Mozambique, LASO MAROC, LASO SENEGAL and LASO DEUTSCHLAND, the LASO is pleased and proud to announce the opening of our subsidiary in the Netherlands.
Located in Gorinchem, Holland, LASO Holland represents another project that aims to bring our company closer to our customers and, obviously, to make the operational advantages of being represented in this geographic space, continuing our growth, in which we want to be even more a global transportation company with no boundaries that creates solutions and surpasses obstacles in any part of the world.
Our Commercial Director Mr. Matthijs Dekker will manage a team of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals in this market who will be committed to providing answers and transport solutions to all requests through E-Mail
We overcoming Obstacles, anywhere in the World!

World Environment Day



The concern and respect for the Environment is part of the DNA of LASO Transportes SA.
We carry out our business mission while developing and fostering various initiatives and investments aimed at safeguarding the environment.
Also in the course of this year, we have defined initiatives aimed at employees, who aim at habits and behaviors favorable to the prevention of pollution and consequent environmental protection, such as encouraging recycling, separation of waste in offices and workshops, treatment of water from washes and forwarding of used oils for recycling.
Regarding the environmental impact inherent to our activity, there are many possibilities to minimize the side effects of this activity: Regular investment in new equipment and vehicles is always based on environmental concerns, such as the acquisition of vehicles with Euro engines 6. The purpose of this standard is to limit emissions of certain gaseous pollutants produced by road vehicles, in particular CO2 emissions.
In this context, LASO has contributed in a very active way, presenting in the last 3 years reductions of about 2.4 Million Kg CO2 eq.
As a reflection of these results and the efforts made to promote environmental sustainability, LASO plans to obtain another certification at the end of the 1st Semester of this year: ISO 14001: 2015.
Laso, for a better environment.

LASO and GTE Overcoming Obstacles in Africa



Transportation of 700 km from Beira to Monkey Bay in Malawi.
The boats were loaded in the Beira and transported to Quelimane from where they followed later, in barge until Monkey Bay.
The boats measured 33.00m x 5.50m x 3.80m and weighed about 70 Tons.

Switching of transformers in the substation of Praça da Figueira



The substation of Praça da Figueira is underground and is surrounded by a parking lot. For this reason it was necessary to use Civil Engineering studies in order to assess the necessary conditions to stabilize an auto crane for the removal of the Transformer.
For this operation, as well as for the placement of a new transformer, it was necessary to resort to a municipal license that also allowed to condition the transit and to license all the maneuvers that were necessary for the execution of this work.
This service lasted about 14 hours and included several operating departments of LASO.

Boat Transportation



Transport of a Boat with 12.00m x 3.90m x 4.20m, with 11 Tons.
Service performed between the Nautical Center of Algés and the Port of Vigo.

65 Tons to Morocco



Transport of 3 Pieces, with 8.00m x 5.00m x 3.00m and 65 Tons, in a service between Lisbon and Casablanca, Morocco.

Transport of tubes in spain



Our Wind Department has been successfully carrying out various transport of SIEMENS-GAMESA Pipes from Avilés, Spain, to several wind farms such as "Monciro", "Serra das Penas" and "Ballesta e Casetona".

Wind Power in Spain



Tubes VESTAS, transported from Carballiño to the Port of Marín in Spain.

Transformer with 160 Tons



Transport, unloading and ripping of transformer with 160 tons from EFACEC to the substation Muruarte, Navarra.